Astro Pearl Updates

Version Release Date Features Download 25/05/2019
  1. Themes introduced- Default (Orange), Blue & Violet – To enhance user experience, better than any astrology software in the market
  2. EASTERN type chart style is added to South, North & Western Wheel styles
  3. Vedic system – Bhavarambha house system is added to Bhavamadhya method. Switching for Bhavarambha /Bhavamadhya is provided in Settings and user can see both charts side by side through a menu provided under ‘Charts’ menu
  4. Vedic – Shukla Paksha/Krishna Paksha and Karan is now added
  5. For ease of navigation- Shortcuts are provided e.g Alt+A for pressing accept key. Alt+ R for Ruling Planets, Ctrl+R for Rahu/Ketu menu. All shortcuts can be found under settings
  6. Marriage-Matches can now be stored/saved against any Client in the database
  7. Reports – Marriage Match-making and Prediction Report are added
  8. Menus are Enabled/Disabled as per the method selected. Eg. For Vedic system – KP related menus like significators and Ruling Planets, KP number system tab etc. will not be shown. For KP method – Ashtakavarga , Bhavarambha house system will not be shown.
  9. KP Number for Number chart is now shown inside the Chart.
  10. Minor fixes in western aspects (for KP method)

(*Warning: DONOT UNINSTALL the ASTRO for update. Just run the update and it will do the needful)

1.1 06/04/2019 Added Category Wise  Report, Fixed Add Place issue when internet not available.  Now Place can be added when you are not connected to internet, Names is marathi and hindi changed for place. Update

(*Warning: DONOT UNINSTALL the ASTRO for update.  Just run the update and it will do the needful)


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