KP Varenya


KP doctorate level course for KP astrologers.  The course is designed for astrologers who have working knowledge of KP principles and are practicing the same.   KP Vivasvat is the entry level course which introduces astrologers to KP method of astrology.   After learning basic concepts and simple application of KP in this course students join KP- Suvarchas which is a masters level course in KP.   This is a unique course specially designed for those who have been practicing KP for some time and they want to learn more.   This course reveals all secrets and enables the student to achieve highest level.  Student will be taught KP Birth time rectification techinique and KP Muhurtha shastra to derive maximum benefit for the clients.   Options Theory propogated by Sri Rajendra Nimje gives  a new dimension to KP.  It enables astrologer to choose the right option from many like choosing the right education field , choosing correct life partner etc.   Sub-Harmonics is the product of a very high level research in the field of KP by Sri Rajendra Nimje.  Students will learn the ultimate secret of KP the 'Sub'



Advanced KP course for mastering KP and for practical applications.  Refined KP knowledge will be imparted.

Eligibility:  KP Suvarchas Certification


  1. Recap of KP principles
  2. Recap of Significators, Fruitful significators
  3. Sub-Harmonics theory
  4. KP Annual Horoscope
  5. KP Birth Time Rectification
  6. Finance & Stock Market
  7. Three Aces of Horary Astrology
  8. KP Muhurtham
  9. Mundane Astrology & KP
  10. Options Theory.

The course will be for 15 sessions of 2 to 2.5 hrs each

Examination Pattern and weightages

Part A –Theory exam of 3hours (Weight 25%)

Part B – Home work (Weight 25%)

Part C- Research work (Thesis 50%)