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Insta Predictor Mobile App

Astro Pearl Features


Reveal Your Destiny
KP, Vedic & Western Astrology Software

  • Best Suited Software for Krishnamurti Paddhati
  • Most accurate KP Software designed by KP Astrologer

Unique Features:

  • Multi-lingual (English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi ++)
  • Innovative canvas Interface for faster interpretation and for accuracy in prediction
  • Charts – Tagging to Multiple Categories& Sub-categories for Research, Presentations and Thesis
  • KP-Matchmaking (Compare Multiple charts)
  • Floating Prediction, Notes and Matchmaking Notes for quick capture of finer threads and auto-transfer to reports
  • EVENT Prediction Significators (Rule Builder)
  • Complete Rahu-Ketu Significators
  • Fruitful Significators
  • KP Dynamic Hora based Prediction
  • Western & Indian Aspects
  • 12000 Places in Pearl & Lat, Long &Timezone capture from Map for Any Place
  • Transits of Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Ascendant As advised by Prof. KSK
  • Profession & Education Guidance modules
  • “Opponent” feature for Elections & Sports events
  • SUB-Harmonics

Special Features:

  • Standard KP (ABCDE) Significators
  • Four Step Significators
  • KP Natal(Birth), Horary and Number System 249 and 2193
  • North, South and Western charting
  • Comparative Ruling Planets
  • Dasa, Bhukti, Antara&Sukshma
  • LagnaDasha System (LDS)
  • Relational charts
  • South and North Simple charts(Used for Aspects)
  • Western Aspects
  • Cuspal and Planetary Aspects
  • Directional Aspects (Western)
  • Vedic Spatakavarga Charts and AshtakavargaTable
  • Vedic 36-point Matchmaking
  • Planetary Ephemeris
  • Ascendant (Lagna) Ephemeris (one hour & 2 hours interval)


  • TRUE & MEAN Rahu & Ketu
  • ORB setting to user choice – personal customization
  • Ayanamsha- Original KP, New KP, Striaght Line, Lahiri, Raman
  • No limitation on Places, Get even a remote village in your Pearl
  • Switching On/Off for Uranus, Neptune & Pluto to Declutter
  • Relation can be defined and stored in Pearl for your future use
  • Placidus, Vedic & Western House Systems

Learning: Knowledge module to learn more on house, planets and signs properties


  • Data Back-up and Restore
  • Export selected chartsto another Pearl
  • Import selected charts from other Pearl
  • Transfer Charts from ASTRO 5.0 to Pearl


  • Personality Report based on position of Ascendant, Sun and Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in chart
  • One-page special report for KP-Astrologers(Planets, Houses, Running DBA & RP)
  • DBA Report (Complete Dasha/Bhuktis and Running Antara)
  • Prediction Report(Based on Prediction Notes of Astrologer)
  • Category-wise Report (Clubbing charts for research)
  • Clients &Charts Report
  • FullKP Report for Client
  • Full Vedic Report for Client

*PDF Reports generates in English &Indian languages


  • Tinwinji’s KP Rules
  • Birth chart Analysis Template
  • Horary Chart Analysis Template
  • KP-SubLord Table

Resolution Support:Minimum 1366 X 768

Windows Support : Windows X, Windows 8 and Windows 7

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Astro Pearl

astro perl

Astro Pearl


Indian Purchase Rs.9000

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  • I have been using Astro Pearl mobile application for the past two years. It is very simple, useful and accurate.

    Rama Krishna
    Astrology Consultant
  • After using AstroPearl software, I realized that it gives accurate prediction which can help astrologers and astrology students.

    Mohan Vudali
    Astrology Consultant

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