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August 2020
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KP- Vivasvat Time Table Session No. Topic Speakers Date 1 Outline of KP-Vivasvat course Krishna Murthy 2 Zodiac Divisions – Signs, constellations and SUB Dr. Mohan & Krishna Murthy House Systems & Vimsottari Dasa 3 KP Chart vs Traditional, Planet in KP houses, House properties, Vimsottari dasa in KP system   Rajendra Nimje, Krishna […]

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KP Jyotish Suvarchas syllabus Course focus is on practical application of KP rules to get more accuracy and consistency in predictions. Cases considered for this module will have more complexity than the Vivasvat(Prathama) classes. The student for getting the ‘Suvarchas’ certification has to submit a thesis on a chosentopic. Topics: Selection of Fruitful significators Impact […]

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Advanced KP course for mastering KP and for practical applications. Refined KP knowledge will be imparted. Eligibility: KP Suvarchas Certification Topics: Recap of KP principles Recap of Significators, Fruitful significators Sub-Harmonics theory KP Annual Horoscope KP Birth Time Rectification Finance & Stock Market Three Aces of Horary Astrology KP Muhurtham Mundane Astrology & KP Options […]

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