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KP Suvarchas

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KP Jyotish Suvarchas syllabus

Course focus is on practical application of KP rules to get more accuracy and consistency in predictions.   Cases considered for this module will have more complexity than the Vivasvat(Prathama) classes.  The student for getting the ‘Suvarchas’ certification has to submit a thesis on a chosentopic.


  1. Selection of Fruitful significators
  2. Impact of opposing houses
  3. Retrograde planets signification
  4. Signification of Rahu and Ketu
  5. Choosing ‘Antara’ in DBA –timing of events
  6. Transit – Principles and Practice application
  7. KP Marriage matchmaking
  8. Fortuna and its signification
  9. Lost & Found – Recovery of articles
  10. Areas of Research – Thesis

The course will be for 15 sessions of 2 to 2.5 hrs each

Examination Pattern and weightages

Part A –Theory exam of 3hours (Weight 50%)

Part B – Home work (Weight 25%)

Part C- Research work (Thesis 25%)


Session I

Refresher on KP astrology &Orientation of ‘Suvarchas’ Course

Session II

Selection of Fruitful significators

Session III

Impact of opposing houses

Session IV

Signification of Rahu &Ketu


Session IV (Application of Session II, III & IV)

Session V (Application of Session II, III & IV)


Session VI (Application of Session II, III & IV)

Education related matters, school and college admissions, examination results, guidance on education line

Session VII (Application of Session II, III & IV)

Progeny and Sports

Session VIII

KP Marriage Matchmaking Rules

Session IX

Marriage , Divorce & Re-marriage (Session VIII application)

Session X

Marriage , Divorce & Re-marriage

Session XI

Foreign travel, VISA, settling in foreign country

Session XII

Loss& Recovery of Articles

Session XIII

Fortuna and its signification

Session XIV

Areas of Research

Session XV

Doubt Clearing

Session XVI

Conduct of Examination

Session XVII

Submission of Thesis


KP- Suvarchas Time Table (29 October 2017 to 4 Mar 2018)

Session No. Topic Date
1 Refresher on KP astrology & Orientation of ‘Suvarchas’ Course


2 Selection of Fruitful significators


3 Impact of opposing houses


4 Cuspal Displacement
5 Signification of Rahu & Ketu


6  (Application of Session 2 to 5)

Longevity &Finance


7 (Application of Session 2 to 5)

Education related matters, school and college admissions, examination results, guidance on education line, Vehicle purchase, sale


8 (Application of Session 2 to 5)

Progeny and Sports, Health


9 KP Marriage , Divorce & Re-marriage


10 KP Matchmaking Rules
11 Foreign travel, VISA, settling in foreign country


12 Loss & Recovery of Articles
13 Fortuna and its signification


14 Areas of Research – Selection of Topic


15 Working in Group – Mentoring
16 Working in Group – Mentoring
17 Doubt Clearing
18 Examination


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