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June 2020
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KP Vivaswat

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KP- Vivasvat Time Table

Session No.Topic SpeakersDate 
1Outline of KP-Vivasvat courseKrishna Murthy
2Zodiac Divisions – Signs, constellations and SUBDr. Mohan & Krishna Murthy
House Systems & Vimsottari Dasa
3KP Chart vs Traditional, Planet in KP houses, House properties, Vimsottari dasa in KP system


Rajendra Nimje, Krishna Murthy
4Krishnamurti Paddhati Basics – Constellation & Sub lords.  249 sub lords, Promise of cuspal subRajendra Nimje / Dr. Mohan
5Planet Signification in KP, DBA analysis  Krishna Murthy
6House  Significators (ABCDE) Calculations


Dr. Mohan, Krishna Murthy
7Practice session for Calculation of SignificatorsKrishna Murthy, Pankaj
8How to Judge Natal ChartRajendra Nimje/ Dr. Mohan
9Birth Chart analysis with templateDr. Mohan, Krishna Murthy
10Practice session Birth Charts , Longevity, Child BirthKrishna Murthy
11Practice session for Birth Charts – Marriage, ProfessionKrishna Murthy , Pankaj
12Horary Astrology – Essentials , Time chartsRajendra Nimje /Dr. Mohan
13Horary Astrology , KP Number Charts, Rotation of ChartsDr. V. Mohan / Krishna Murthy
14Practice Horary Charts with template Krishna Murthy
15Practice KP Number ChartsPankaj, Krishna Murthy
16ExaminationKrishna Murthy , Pankaj


Syllabus for ‘KP Vivasvat‘ Course

-Organized by KP Astrologers Forum, India


  1. Outline of KP-Vivasvat course
    1. What is KP and what are the differences with Vedic astrology
    2. How the course is structured for the beginners
    3. What is the outcome expected after the course
    4. Home Work for all
    5. Reading of basic astrology books on signs, houses and planets
    6. Recap of earlier class in the beginning , checking home work
    7. Discipline, attendance, day of the week and timing of class
    8. Methodology of explanation , language English, questions in Telugu
    9. Formation of the Whatsapp group, notification on changes in the time if any on whatsapp and sms only
    10. Course work in presentations , charts in soft copies
    11. Discussion on KP softwares, ASTRO
    12. How Horary is best for important questions to be answered
    13. When to see the question
    14. How to practice
    15. How to respect Gurus
    16. Moon connectivity importance in horary
  2. Zodiac Divisions – Signs, Constellations and Sub
    1. Signs /Rasis
      1. Zodiac twelve signs and its significance
      2. Sign symbols and its meaning
  • Sun signs – Sun in twelve signs
  1. Lunar Signs – Moon in twelve signs
  2. Sign properties like Fixed, Fiery, positive etc.
  3. Zodiac Sign and Human body
  1. Constellations
    1. 27 divisions of zodiac and constellations
    2. Indian names of constellations
  • Owners of the constellations
  1. Sub Division
    1. Equal divisions or Padas – 108
    2. Unequal division or Subs -249
  • Owner of the sub parts – Sublord
  1. House Systems& Vimsottari Dasa
    1. What are houses, different kind of house systems
    2. Equal part house system used for Vedic/Traditional astrology
    3. Placidus System
    4. Sayana & Nirayana System
      1. Sayana Calculations
      2. Nirayana Calculations
    5. Houses DMS, Sign, Star, Sublord calculations
    6. Twelve houses properties
    7. VimsottariDasa system – What is DBA
  2. Casting of Chart , house and planet calculations
    1. South Indian Rasi and KP detailed Chart
    2. North Indian chart , other systems
    3. Houses & Planetary Position Calculations
    4. Casting of KP chart, filling of planets
  3. Krishnamurthy Paddhati
    1. What is KP , How it is different , Twin births differentiation
    2. Importance of Sublord
    3. Advantages of KP
    4. Malefic and Benefic
    5. KP Main principle
    6. Main house and Allied or supporting houses
    7. Promise of the cuspal sublord
      1. Whether an event will happen
      2. Quantification of the promise
  • Relevance of Retro Starlord in Horary Charts
  1. House Significators Calculations
    1. Cuspal Significators (ABCDE)
    2. Hierarchy of significators
    3. Nodes in the signs of significators
  2. Planet Significators , DBA analysis
    1. Planetary Significators
    2. Rahu/Ketu Signification
    3. Interpretation of DBA
  3. How to read a Birth Chart
    1. Casting birth chart accurately in ASTRO
    2. Which prominent events to read – interpret DBA
    3. Use of the KP Birth Chart template
    4. How to read Longevity of a person
    5. Practice of one birth chart in class room
  4. Rules for various important events in life (With Charts)
    1. Education
    2. Profession
    3. Finance
    4. Marriage
    5. Child Birth
  5. Horary Astrology (Time Charts)
    1. What is Horary? Advantage?
    2. When to cast time charts
  • Moon Connectivity
  1. Effect of retrograde planets
  2. How to interpret time charts
  3. Use of the KP Horary Chart template
  • One Horary Chart complete explanation
  • Practice of one Horary Chart in the class
  1. Rotation of the chart – Why and When?


  1. KP Number Charts
    1. What is Number 1-249 system?
    2. Casting a KP Number Chart
  • Moon Connectivity
  1. Use of Template in KP Number Charts
  2. How to obtain number from the client
  3. How to predict from the number chart
  1. Conduct of the Examination

Books, Reference Books &Kit :


KP Vivasvat KIT consists of 1. Punneshwara Rao books (on payment) 2. KP Introduction book by Rajendra Nimje(solved examples) 3. Notes prepared by Krishna Murthy (After modifications) 4. KP sub table 5. KP Work Book Birth (on payment) 6 . KP work book Horary (on payment) 7. KP Rules by Rajendra Nimje — Reference books a). KP Readers by KS Krishnamurti Reader 2, Reader 3 and reader 6 b)Book of Nakshatras by Prash Trivedi c) Astrology for All by Alan Leo



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